Ultra-Light Tanker Appeal


Well, it had to happen.

We've had three years of cool wet summers since Black Saturday and we all knew it was only a matter of time. Here we go again.

Early January sees Australia experiencing it's hottest, driest period in recorded history. Over 100 houses lost in Tasmania, fires burning for weeks in our alpine regions and Gippsland and multiple outbreaks too close to home in Christmas Hills, two in Kangaroo Ground and two in Wonga Park.

We have the best in a heavy duty Tanker and heavy duty Pumper, but as we said last year, we have identified a weakness in our armoury. Our heavy duty trucks are great for Victoria's big fires, but often these vehicles are just too large to negotiate the narrow tracks in the many gullies and reserves that make our local community unique.

Our aim is to add one of the CFA's newly designed 'Ultra-Lite' small 4WD Tankers to our brigade. This will allow a very fast response by an initial crew of two to get in and tackle the fire while it's still small and other resources are still assembling. This was clearly demonstrated when the Incident Controller at the Kangaroo Ground fire called in over 20 Ultra-Lites from CFA and DSE resources to fight the fire. Some of these Ultra-Lites came from as far as Brimbank, Upper Ferntree Gully, Rowville etc. There simply wasn't enough locally to cope with the unfolding situation.

As with all our other trucks, if the brigade can fund the initial purchase, the CFA will maintain the appliance. Estimated cost of the 'Ultra-Light' is $100,000. Thanks to your assistance with previous year's Appeal, we're on the way, but we still need onther $50,000 to have it operating by next year.

So, that's our major project, and as in the past, we need you to be part of the team.

We are your fire brigade. We are totally volunteers, responding 24/7 no matter what! It's a partnership with you! The level of support and protection we can give your family and this community is directly related to how much you help us to help you.

Please donate.

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