Ultra-Light Tanker Appeal


Well, it had to happen.

We've had three years of cool wet summers since Black Saturday and we all knew it was only a matter of time. Here we go again.

Early January sees Australia experiencing it's hottest, driest period in recorded history. Over 100 houses lost in Tasmania, fires burning for weeks in our alpine regions and Gippsland and multiple outbreaks too close to home in Christmas Hills, two in Kangaroo Ground and two in Wonga Park.

We have the best in a heavy duty Tanker and heavy duty Pumper, but as we said last year, we have identified a weakness in our armoury. Our heavy duty trucks are great for Victoria's big fires, but often these vehicles are just too large to negotiate the narrow tracks in the many gullies and reserves that make our local community unique.

Our aim is to add one of the CFA's newly designed 'Ultra-Lite' small 4WD Tankers to our brigade. This will allow a very fast response by an initial crew of two to get in and tackle the fire while it's still small and other resources are still assembling. This was clearly demonstrated when the Incident Controller at the Kangaroo Ground fire called in over 20 Ultra-Lites from CFA and DSE resources to fight the fire. Some of these Ultra-Lites came from as far as Brimbank, Upper Ferntree Gully, Rowville etc. There simply wasn't enough locally to cope with the unfolding situation.

As with all our other trucks, if the brigade can fund the initial purchase, the CFA will maintain the appliance. Estimated cost of the 'Ultra-Light' is $100,000. Thanks to your assistance with previous year's Appeal, we're on the way, but we still need onther $50,000 to have it operating by next year.

So, that's our major project, and as in the past, we need you to be part of the team.

We are your fire brigade. We are totally volunteers, responding 24/7 no matter what! It's a partnership with you! The level of support and protection we can give your family and this community is directly related to how much you help us to help you.

Please donate.

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Join Us

Applications to join The South Warrandyte Fire Brigade are now closed for 2013. We will keep you informed when applications open next.

Join the Brigade

Here are a few points you need to consider in becoming a member.

CFA – Fact and Fiction

  • We are not a social club but an emergency service.
  • Chain of Command applies – the fireground is a dictatorship not a democracy.
  • Fighting fires and attending emergencies is less than 5% of our time.
  • You may not drive a fire truck within the first few years of joining.
  • Insured for CFA approved activities.
  • Lots of rules and regulations.
  • Whilst the points above are intended for those interested in emergency roles, there are auxiliary roles for those interested in supporting the brigade in other ways.

South Warrandyte Fire Brigade at a Glance

  • First registered as a CFA brigade in 1947.
  • Around 30 volunteer members.
  • Fire district covers 45 square km:
  • South Warrandyte
  • Donvale
  • North Ringwood
  • Park Orchards
  • Warranwood
  • 3 vehicles.
  • 200+ emergency responses annually.
  • Range of community relationship programs.

Our Role

  • Fires
  • House and buildings
  • Bush and grass
  • Car fires
  • Burn offs and incinerators
  • Incidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Hazardous materials
  • Washaways
  • Floods and other natural disaster recovery
  • Public Service
  • Community education and safety
  • Advisors on Local Government and special interest committees
  • Help ambulance service with patient retrieval
  • Power lines down
  • Get children out of locked cars

The Recruitment Process

  • Introductory Night
  • Understanding Service Delivery Standards (SDS)
  • Fire fighting - the risks
  • Induction
  • Complete CFA application form which includes a section on medical history
  • Criminal record check
  • 16 Week Training Program
  • Generally one week night and a Sunday morning
  • Practical and theory instruction
  • Formal assessments to check competency
  • No turning out to fires or incidents during this period
  • At end of the training program, there is a hot fire training at South Eastern Training Ground (SETG) in Carrum
  • Minimum skills qualification to enable you to respond to calls
  • 6 months Probation
  • Brigade reviews your suitability as a member

Our Commitment To You

Upon Successful Completion of Course

  • Personal issue of base level protective equipment and clothing
  • Pager for alerting you to calls
  • Able to attend fires and incidents
  • Able to attend monthly meetings and vote on decisions which set brigade direction and strategy

Structured Training & Skill Development

  • 3 Year training program to gain specialist skills
  • Use of Breathing Apparatus (BA)
  • Hazardous material identification and handling
  • Building structures
  • Fire science
  • Vehicle driving
  • A skills maintenance program to maintain and enhance the skills and lessons learnt along the way
  • Extended support for you and your family through brigade functions and programs

Your Commitment To Us

Actively and effectively participate in brigade activities

  • Training and skill development
  • Call response
  • Community based partnering programs

Demonstrate mature and responsible attitude and behaviours
Management of priorities

  • Firstly to your family
  • Then to your job or schooling
  • Then to CFA

If you are still interested, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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